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Dr. Sosa-Melo was only 16 years old when she decided to become a physician. That’s when her father was in a terrible accident, and she became his caretaker. “My father was only 52 years old. It was tough to see him in that state,” she vividly recalls. “But because of that accident, I learned I had the abilities to take care of others in profound need. Thankfully, everything turned out better for my father than I expected. And the experience revealed to me that helping others live a better, healthier life was my vocation, my plan for my future.”
Dr. Andrea M Sosa-melo is an Internal Medicine physician who graduated with honors in 2000. After graduating from medical school, she devoted a year to a rural community near Bogota, Colombia, working at a 70-bed public hospital and doing everything from delivering babies to suturing wounds in the ER. Over the next several years, Dr. Sosa-Melo had plenty of opportunities to follow her calling. During these rich, and richly rewarding, first years after medical school, Dr. Sosa-Melo began focusing particularly on diabetes prevention and treatment. She was deeply concerned by the disease’s ever-rising rates and its disastrous long-term complications in both the Latino community and worldwide. In 2008, she was awarded a two-year Fellowship in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at the University of Miami Medical School. Shortly afterwards, she began working at an endocrinology-based practice in Providence, Rhode Island. Her emphasis was diabetes preventive care and treatment. Having more than 20 years of diverse experiences, especially in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology. Dr. Andrea M Sosa-melo is part of the specialists team at medical group of Doctors Medical Center Inc.

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