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I was born in Cuba in a small town called Ciego de Avila. Since I was a child I showed interest for the art of medicine. I began studying medicine in 2001 at The Faculty of Medicine in Ciego de Avila, Cuba, where I obtained the title in medical degree in 2007.
Immediately after finishing the career, I was sent to Caracas, Venezuela as part of a Cuban mission. I spent 2 years and a half in Venezuela, working in an ICU at a Cuban Hospital, and at the same time, I was in a residency program of critical care and anesthesiology. However I did not completed the residency, since I decided to migrate to United States.
I arrived to US in December/31/2009, where I had to embrace a new culture and language. Then, without thinking twice I started preparing myself for the USMLE. Concomitantly to this, I found a job that marked my life forever, I began working in Doctor’s Medical Center, fulfilling several positions in different period of time, from Medical Records, Medical Assistant to Quality Control.
Upon passing the USMLE tests, I immediately got into a residency program of Internal Medicine in New York City named Saint John’s Episcopal Hospital South Shore Program, where I spent three years filled with hard work, brotherhood and plenty of medical knowledge. Upon finishing the residency, my wife and I decided to move down to Miami, Fl. I passed the American Board of Internal Medicine in 2017.
Then I started working as hospitalist at Memorial Hospital West, where I worked for 3 months.
Currently I am working as Primary Care Physician at Doctor’s Medical Center, the place who
gave me my first opportunity.

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Carlo A Candelario Rodriguez, MD
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