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Dr. Justo Felipe was born and raised in Cuba. While in high school, he was fascinated with the physiology and anatomy of the body. Once he knew what he wanted to study, he went to Medical School at the University of Havana, where he graduated as a Medical Doctor. After becoming a physician, he decided to specialize in Ophthalmology. He decided to become an Ophthalmologist because he believes vision is the most important sense and it is captivating for him to be able to study the eyes; diagnose, treat and prevent blindness. In the upcoming years after he became an Ophthalmologist in Cuba, he emigrated to the United States and passed the Board Exam. He has been working at Doctor’s Medical Center for over 20 years and he also owns a private practice located in Doral. In addition, he is a volunteer at EyeCare America, which is a program that helps seniors who have not had a medical eye exam in three or more years, and those at increased risk for glaucoma.

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